The Full Handfasting Experience

The handfasting ceremony is perfect for Pagans, nature-loving people, even Game of Thrones fans or those that are looking for something non-traditional and a bit different. One thing is for sure though, a handfasting ceremony can be deeply meaningful and symbolic. Perfect for outdoor and indoor ceremonies. Read on to see if this is the right ceremony for you.

Handfasting Experience

Handfasting - What's it all about?

This spiritual ceremony is set in a sacred circle. You and your partner will be invited into the circle and will be taken on a journey around the circle using the four elements:

Handfasting Symbols and Circle

Air in the North

Symbolising higher consciousness and the beginning of your relationship.

Fire in the East

Symbolising your passion and love for each other.

Water in the South

Symbolising your deeper emotional connection to each other.

Earth in the West

Symbolises stability and your commitment to each other.

At each element on the wheel, you will be guided through a symbolic ritual. You will then each do a reading of your own writing and then your elemental reader will be invited into the circle to either read a poem or even play music.

At the end of the ceremony, you will be invited to step out of the circle as a handfasted couple. You can also have a jump-the-broom ceremony and cake and mead offering after your handfasting. One of the great things about this ceremony is that at each element you can personalise the ritual.

There are different options on how or what you want to do, and who to include (family, friend or fur baby). You can choose to include readings or not and it is not scripted, so we go with the flow and the content comes from you! Of course, Wild Peach Ceremonies will support you to create your perfect ceremony and take you through this amazing journey to becoming a handfasted couple.

The History of Handfasting

Handfasting dates back to the 13th Century and was how our Celtic ancestors would officially be betrothed or as we now know it engaged.

Couples would have their hands tied together as a promise to get married in the future. It would usually happen about a month before their church ceremony and traditionally it would take place at the bride's house. This tradition carried on right up till the 17th century when new marriage laws came into place and believe it or not these are the same laws we have in place today.

​It is where we get the term 'tying the knot' from and there is still an element of it in today's church ceremonies. If you watched the royal wedding you will have seen the bishop of Canterbury wrap his stole around Prince William and Kate's hands, this is a version of handfasting.

Of course, handfasting is becoming more popular since being depicted in films such as Brave Heart and television shows like Game of Thrones. The visual aspect of handfasting is what gives it the wow factor and the advanced spiritual ceremony offered by Wild Peach Ceremonies really is a treat for the senses, which is much more involved than tying the knot.

Tying The Knot

Wedding handfasting


Handfasting is a custom of tying the hands of two people together in a marriage ceremony. It is often done with a rope, ribbon, or lace.

A handfasting ceremony is often considered to be an old-fashioned and pagan tradition. It can also be seen as an alternative to the Christian wedding ceremony.

Renewal of vows handfasting

The main difference in this ceremony is the air reading. Instead of writing about the first day you met, you would tell everyone about your wedding day. Also you can have a ring warming or blessing instead of the exchange.

The focus and meaning of the ceremony will shift slightly and focus on your marriage and when we come to the element of water you can choose to say your original vows or make new ones.

With all the ceremonies delivered by Wild Peach Ceremonies, it is up to you to choose what rituals you want and how you would like the ceremony to work. Helen will be there to guide and support you throughout.

Renewal of Vows Handfasting

Handfasting baby naming ceremonies

Handfasting baby naming ceremonies

This ceremony is similar to the couple ones but the child or adult being named does not do any readings. For the air ritual, we can invite all the guests to blow bubbles, which even the big kids love or use the Koshi windchimes which are relaxing and soothing, particularly for babies.

The elements take on some new meanings like education and adventure and there are some great choices of rituals you can have at the earth element, such as planting a tree or having all the guests write messages on a ribbon, which is attached to a willow blessing heart.

With these ceremonies having no script you don't need to worry if the baby needs changing or is a bit upset. We can stop the ceremony at any time. These tend to be shorter than the couple ceremonies but will still be a visual delight for everyone.

Handfasting name change ceremonies

Maybe you would like a naming ceremony for yourself whether you have changed your name by deed poll or want to reclaim your maiden or original family name or perhaps you have transitioned gender.

Whatever the reason, choosing to have an advanced spiritual naming ceremony is a beautiful and meaningful way to be welcomed into a community or mark an important transition.

Handfasting Name Changing Ceremonies

What's Included and Pricing

Standard Package

For a full advanced spiritual handfasting ceremony.
The Handfasting Couple Ceremony price includes:

£ 750
  • Ceremony consultation over Zoom
  • Ceremony planning meeting
  • This works well when held at the venue.

    Please note that a non-refundable deposit of £100 will need to be paid before this meeting is arranged and that the deposit will secure your date.

  • Exclusive booking of your ceremony date
  • Helen doesn't book more than one ceremony a day, and there is no time limit on the ceremony, so you will have her full attention!

  • Updates and contact from Helen
  • Updates and contact from Helen leading up to the big day and unlimited contact via email and phone so you know she is there to support you with any questions, changes or even help with choosing readings and music.

  • Everything needed to conduct the full ceremony.
  • Support with vow/promises writing
  • Support with vow/promises writing and making your ceremony personal, unique and right for you.

  • The option to jump the broom
  • The option to jump the broom after the ceremony (decorated broom supplied).

  • A keepsake box
  • A keepsake box with your candle, marriage cup and handfasted knot/hoop and wand.

  • A commemorative certificate
  • A commemorative certificate that can be signed by your elemental readers.

  • Full coordination with your other suppliers and venue
  • Full coordination with your other suppliers and venue so they know the plan and Helen can make sure the whole ceremony goes smoothly.

  • Briefing with any guests taking part
  • Briefing with any guests taking part, so everyone knows what they need to do and Helen can help to settle any nerves on the big day.

  • 1-2-1 public speaking/speech writing coaching session
  • A half an hour virtual or in-person 1-2-1 public speaking/speech writing coaching session that can be used for yourself or someone in your wedding party such as the best man.

Upgraded Package

Helen also offers an upgraded package that includes everything in the standard package but with lots of added extras.

£ 1300
  • Your own besom broom to decorate and keep.
  • Helen will host a pre-wedding ceremony
  • Helen will host a pre-wedding ceremony for you and your family and friends to decorate your broom and/or hoop.

  • pre-ceremony incense blending
  • If using incense in a smudging ritual, a pre-ceremony incense blending ceremony will be held for you and your beloved to create your own blend to be used at your ceremony.

  • Confetti made from dried flower petals for guests
  • Confetti made from dried flower petals for your guests to use after the ceremony.

  • Favours for up to 100 guests
  • Favours for up to 100 guests. These will be small glass bottles that can be filled with aromatherapy bath salts that Helen blends herself. If this is not something you want, other options can be discussed.

  • Up to 2 hours of public speaking and/or writing coaching
  • Up to 2 hours of public speaking and/or writing coaching with Helen to be used for yourself or any of your guests.

Please note that the cake and mead/ale tradition is not included, and costs will vary depending on the number of guests and your venue.

For all other costs that are not included such as travel or additional items please see the Couples Ceremony and other service pages.

Contact Helen today for a free consultation

Wild Peach Ceremonies require a deposit of £100 to secure your date.

We can then discuss how you want to pay the rest of the balance and once agreed you will be sent an invoice with all the details, including the payment schedule. The final balance needs to be paid one month before the ceremony date.

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